A Record of Success

We conducted a study of the 99 Vigo County residents who were discharged from FreeBirds in 2007. The study looked for any Vigo County arrests or probation violations that occurred after the residents enrolled at FreeBirds.   The review period ended on Dec 31, 2010.  This would cover from 3 to almost 4 years of a residents life, depending on the enrollment date of the resident.

The data source was Vigo County courthouse computerized record of court criminal histories that is accessible to the public.


Results for Vigo County Residents of FreeBirds:

  • 99 Vigo County Residents were discharged in 2007.
  • Only 26 incurred new arrests or probation violations in the next three to four years in Vigo County (a 26% recidivism rate).
  • 74% did not get any new charges in Vigo County during those next 3+ years. Civil charges were not counted, only criminal

Putting the 26% re-arrest rate in Perspective:

Compared to their previous arrest records:

Looking at the arrest rates of these 99 residents prior to them living at FreeBirds, it was found that :

  • 88% had at least one prior offense,
  • 64% were repeat offenders

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