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By Deb Kelly
The Tribune-Star
– Freebirds Solution Center residents have new option for spending time with their
TERRE HAUTE — Residents at the Terre Haute Freebirds Solution Center have a new option for spending time with their children.

Open now for about a month, the new Children’s Overnight Visit Center at Freebirds has three bedrooms and a family room, where residents can have their children come and spend the night with them, or engage in supervised visits in the family room.

The visit center – which features a closet full of toys, shelves full of movies, a comfortable sofa and, for now, a Christmas tree – was created in one of the large classrooms on the first floor of the former Greenwood School building, using donations and the assistance of the Freebirds staff, residents and former residents. One donor, Wilton Abersold of New Albany, gave a $2,000 check for construction materials.

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By Deb McKee
The Tribune-Star
–   Members of Freebirds program work in construction company

TERRE HAUTE — The team includes recovering alcoholics, drug addicts and those who have spent time in prison, but when it comes to their work, members of the Freebirds Home Improvement construction company know the stakes are high.

“Our people know that if they get kicked out of here, they’re going back to jail,” said Jack Tanner, director of operations for the Freebirds Solution Center sober-living facility, out of which the construction team was created. You won’t hear foul language on their construction sites, and the company guarantees punctual, clean, sober workers, as well as quality craftsmanship.

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