Intake Info

FreeBirds Solution Center is for persons who want to recover from substance abuse (Drug or Alcohol), who are at least 18 years old, and have no history of abusing others sexually.  Residents must be able to find employment, pay $95 a week* for their dorm room and evening meal, attend recovery meetings, and perform chores in the facility.  Dorm  rooms have beds for 13 people.

Admission Application – Right-click and  print, complete,  and bring to FSC 145 E Voorhees, Terre Haute, IN 47802

For applicants from other counties who cannot appear here, we consider the recommendation of Probation, Prosecution or Drug Counselor.

Recovery Contract

The contract  is provided so that the client can decide whether he or she is willing to abide by the central rules of being a FreeBird resident.  Respect for others and for yourself is key to living at FreeBirds.

Click this link to view the Contract, right-click to print.

FreeBirds Recovery_Contract1_V3 for website

Persons of any spiritual belief are welcome, but our staff professes Jesus Christ as Lord.  Attendance at Bible Studies is not required but is available.

For applicants in the Vigo County Jail, their attorney must petition the court to have the applicant evaluated by FreeBirds.

For applicants who can walk-in, please call and make an appointment to complete the admission application, and brief interview.