Testimonies of Residents

These pictures and testimonies represent a few of the lives that have been transformed by God at FreeBirds.

Jack – Founder, first resident, Director of Operations“October 30, 2002 I was drunk, coming down off Meth and living in an RV. With a bottle of rum in my hand, I prayed for help to a God I didn’t believe in, passed out and came to in jail. While in jail I came to understand God; and learned that in order to receive help, forgiveness, love, respect or anything else; I must first give it. I was inspired by God to open Freebirds in order to help myself by helping others”
Karen“I had never been through a formal treatment program, but at FreeBirds I received the tools and the opportunity to change my life”.
Steve” I tried several times to get off of Meth, but I could not do it until I met Jack Tanner and became one of the first residents of FreeBirds. I have been clean since Oct 2004.”

Stacy“In April of 2006, I arrived at FreeBirds from the Vigo County Jail in handcuffs.  I knew the minute I walked in the doors that I was home.  I learned a lot about myself and about who God wanted me to be.  I learned how to be responsible and that it was possible for me to make a complete turn-around in my life.  I lived at FreeBirds for 6 months, and when I left, I was not only free of handcuffs, I was free on the inside.  FreeBirds will always be home to me.”